Originating countries

We source clothing components from manufacturers all around the world (US, Europe, Asia). The majority of our components come from Europe, the USA and Japan. Most of the garments are responsibly assembled in Asia, because of their leading know-how. Some collections are assembled in Europe, including Slovenia, Lithuania, and Portugal.


We treat each single assembling facility as a separate independent entity, respecting high working environment, social, ethical, and quality standards. We choose not the cheapest but the best. We make decisions based on geographical location only for the benefit of lower transportation costs and emissions. Usually, we select factories that are closer to the sea harbors, sea transport has in our opinion the lowest environmental impact per item.

Since our collections are unique and limited, they are assembled in small sampling workshops, and not mass production facilities. This makes the process of assembling more dedicated, sustainable, and precise.


The quality of a final product depends on the quality of components, including textiles, and the quality of assembly. For both of them, we do not save on the costs and use the highest quality possible.

We create our products to have long lifespans and high quality. Both directly contribute to lowering waste and energy consumption. Recycling is good, but having long-lasting garments is even better.