We are inspired by indigenous civilizations like the Mayan, Omo tribes, ancient Japan, and others. We strongly respect them and our goal is to spread and strengthen the awareness of their existence.

Living on a planet overflown by diversity, we listen and learn. Sometimes the old civilizations and cultures have a deeper belief, have a more simple and dedicated understanding, they are unique and enrich the diversity of humanity. The opportunity to adopt a touch of ancient art and display it through our collections is what we do. it strongly differentiates our brand, increases awareness, and fortifies our exclusivity.

Guatemalan ARTISANS

We are supporting the artisans in the highlands of Guatemala, the descendants of the Maya civilization. They make their living from agriculture in rural areas and are often dependent on alternative forms of income. Their remarkable handcraft includes Mayan traditional clothing, accessories, and souvenirs.

We have decided not to buy their handmade works like "worry dolls” and to give them as a gift, to support the local Guatemalan communities without even covering the cost of production. For us, this is the right way to present fair trade.