We are a corporation that promotes outdoor activity, sustainable relationships, and respect towards the most important resource we all have - Mother Earth.  Without her, the human race would not exist. Without the beautiful and amazing nature, there would be no MAYA MAYA. Because of that, every step of the process in our work is supported with special care towards preserving nature and reducing pollution as much as we can.

Our efforts are towards minimizing our environmental impact and conserving the natural resources within all the sections of our work. We strive to be better with each passing day.



It is surprising how the textile technology changes every year. New kinds of natural and semi-synthetic fabrics emerge continuously. However, not all of them are acceptable for the thought requirements that outdoor sports have.

We are following the latest high-tech textile trends and are actively testing each of them ourselves. The ones that pass the test are implemented in our collections. Some of them are:

  • Primaloft Bio

  • Wool

  • SeaCell

  • Modal cotton

  • Organic cotton


We love animals.

Initially, we were against materials from animal hair, because we evaluated that negative effects of growing animals for wool exceeded the negative effects of artificial materials, like polyester. However, changes happen. Thanks to the pressure of humanity animals are treated better, are respected, and live under much friendlier conditions.

Now - since 2021 responsible and humane farming finally came and not-natural-based textiles have since recently a far worse impact on the environment. Therefore, we could completely change our approach and started developing clothing with wool composition, other natural-based material compositions are coming soon.

Usage of biodegradable animal hair and other natural textiles delivers a comfortable feeling while wearing. It is coming from a natural source and can be decomposed at the end of a product’s lifecycle without any kind of harm to the environment.

Before deciding which natural/wool textile to choose, we research the origin of suppliers’ animal hair and make sure it has an ethically acceptable animal breeding.

We remain strictly against the usage of animal skin products.


Promotional paper material is non-laminated and made from recycled paper only.

Shopping bags are FSC® certified.

Web delivery packaging includes paper boxes and biodegradable bags, made from natural resin.