Past, Present and Future
RLI magazine September/October 2021

"The Brand Where Past, Present and Future Meet"

In the latest edition of RLI magazine, Maya Maya's CEO Vivien Takács spoke about the brand's point of difference and future expansion plans.

"Founded several years ago, the vision of the Maya Maya founders is to always design and create for eternity, be unique, exclusive and stay limited. The brand manufactures products for those adventurers who want to be constantly travelling and exploring the world."

Mrs. Takács also spoke about the inspiration behind the brand, whereas the inspirations and collections come from the myth of civilisations and their culture, and art. In the latest Omo inspiration we got inspired by the strong colors of Omo tribes and depicted them in our collection.

In the interview, Mrs. Takács introduced Maya Maya's franchising concept for the first time: "Franchising simplified, your returns magnified." This relates to the simplicity and low-risk franchising approach that leaves franchisees with much smaller risks than usually.

Furthermore, a brief presentation of the multisensory smart store was also mentioned. Future franchisees will be able to take advantage of an innovative smart store concepts, which will aim to activate all five senses of the customers.

The store will embrace digital technologies but the brand will still stick to the human connection: "Human connection is, and always will be, of the greatest importance to us. All the digital technologies we intend to use in the online and physical shops will be used more as supporting activities. In the physical shops we will continue selling as a person-to-person, and digital technologies will be used solely as a selling tool."

Read the full interview here (page 20-21) and learn more about Maya Maya's future plans.